25 Interesting Facts about Marijuana

25 Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Marijuana belongs to the list of the most common drugs that are being used illegally. However, some states legalize the use of this drug for specific purposes. This drug known for its ill effects also has some medicinal uses, which is the only reason why it is allowed legally in many states. So, let us check out the interesting facts about marijuana.

  • One of the most interesting facts about marijuana is that it is useful for the brain. Yes, you have read it right. Marijuana’s ingredients take a tour throughout your body, attach to some receptor sites, and help in the growth of brain cells.
  • Some fun facts about marijuana are quite interesting. Scooby-doo is not someone you can forget so easily. It is funny to know that the movie about the cartoon in 2002 was primarily decided to go dark with marijuana jokes and some relationship gestures between two characters in it.
  • Weed can take up to two hours to get you high. On the other hand, when it is inhaled, it makes you feel high up to 10 minutes.
  • A crazy thing about this drug is that smaller doses of it would increase the sex drive in women. This would be one of those fun facts about marijuana you might be a little interested in.
  • Many places have allowed recreational marijuana, and many medical provisions are set up based on this drug. This would be one of the good facts about weed.
  • The plant has a history in the southern parts of Asia where is used for religious purposes around 2000 BC.
  • A fun fact about weed is that the people in the countries where marijuana is banned consume the drug more than those who live in the countries where smoking weed is legally allowed.
  • Bringing in more money forms one of the marijuana fun facts. It brings in a huge amount of money when compared to taxes from alcohol in places where recreational marijuana is legalized.
  • Arrests form is another fun fact about weed. Nearly 50% of the cases files every day are for a marijuana offense. An arrest is made every 42 seconds on this count. When you are reading it, there is an arrest going on.
  • Miners trapped in the Chilean mine Smoked weed. Weed was used as a stress buster by the miners trapped in the coal mine of Chile.
  • Weed triggers dopamine and supports neurogenesis. To make a long story short, it produces chemicals in the brain, which makes you feel good and relaxed.
  • Let’s not go in deep about more fun facts about weed, let us check something interesting. You would be surprised to read it here that one of the greatest writers had something to do with weed. Tests conducted on Shakespeare’s pipe revealed traces of cannabis, which is a weed.
  • One of the fun facts about weed is that it was the pot that gave birth to e-commerce. A bag of weed was the very first thing that was sold online.
  • Most of the people (around half) in the world have tried weed. One of the interesting facts about this drug is that 49% of the people have tried it at least once in their lifetime.
  • Marijuana helps fighting cancer. Though it might seem weird or unreal to hear, this recreational drug can really do wonders when it comes to fighting cancer cells.
  • Weed, when ingested, can take up to two hours to get you high. On the other hand, when it is inhaled, it makes you feel high in just 10 minutes. This will add up to another of those fun facts about weed.
  • Time to check out some of the cool weed facts. The way marijuana works on men and women are different! The reason for it is the dependence on weight distribution pattern of our body and the hormone levels in our body.
  • Adding to the cool weed facts, the place where marijuana is more common than grass is known for people who never smoke it. It is frequently used to feed pigs.
  • The students who bought the weed first tried the Internet and then went for Arpanet to make a successful transaction.
  • A state where it was legalized has experienced five percent decrease in the suicide rates than before.
  • The marijuana plant is not just for smoking. It can be used to make ropes and paper too.
  • Marijuana was used for medical purposes in Greece and Rome at the beginning of the first century AD.
  • You would find it surprising that marijuana seeds consist of all amino acids. Adding to the list of good facts about weed, this is one of those stuff by taking in which a person can sustain without taking in any other food, as weed includes mostly all amino acids.
  • Marijuana has a history of art. Back in old days, the canvases were made by using the hemp fiber.
  • Another fun fact about this drug is that is the chemical element of the weed was discovered only after the 1960s.


There are more than those 25 marijuana-related facts. Each of them has its own story or history. To sum up, none of them showed that this plant has a negative effect on our health. Moreover, we can conclude that marijuana had as well as has lots of benefits that have a positive impact on human’s health.

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