5 Tips for Starting a Small Business with a Disability

5 Tips for Starting a Small Business with a Disability

Starting a business is not an easy task. There are many risks associated with starting a business and it requires many skills like decision making, effective handling of finances, time management etc. Apart from this, if you are developing a product you need to address the various needs and expectations of the product to win the customer’s trust. However, starting a business also means you would be traveling to many new places to meet clients and investors. If you are a person with a physical disability, it might be a very tough journey. However, disability can never be a reason, which prevents the growth of your business. Although the journey of starting a business is going to be tougher for disabled business owners, it can teach you many important life lessons. However, to make the journey for such entrepreneurs there are several disability business forums available in our country. Here are few tips for such people with disability, which might help them start their business.

Home Based Business

Travelling is one of the most common tasks associated with setting up a new business. Most business owners spend a lot of time every month, traveling to different cities to meet their investors and sometimes clients. This can be highly difficult for people with a disability. Such disabled business owners will not be able to travel a lot and traveling on their own will only make the situation worse. Hence, it is always better to start a home-based business where you can earn a lot of money right from your home. Technology has grown so powerful that you can even have client meetings on the Internet, thereby eliminating the necessity to travel several kilometers. Besides making it easy for such disabled business owners, it also helps in reducing the expenditure, which is necessary for a small business organization to grow at a faster rate.

Look for Grants

There are several organizations, which offer grants for disabled to start a business. Investment is one of the most basic requirements to set up a business organization and pitching for investors is not an easy task. You need to look for investors throughout the nation. However, this might involve a lot of traveling which could be highly uncomfortable for entrepreneurs with a physical disability. There are several disability business forums, which help people with disability start a business. These forums can help with the funding of the business organization set up people with disability in the form of grants. These grants for disabled to start a business can save such business owners form the highly exhaustive process of pitching for investors. In addition, since it is a grant, there are very fewer risks associated with the funding and the business organization can implement all their ideas without worrying about the consent of the investor. This helps disabled business owners to operate with a lot of freedom and helps them to make decisions at a faster rate as they do not have to wait for a green signal from the investors to do almost anything.


Most of the people who begin a startup end up bankrupt because they do not pay too much attention to the technical details of their product. To develop the quality of any product and service, a complete understanding of the product and related services are required. Also starting a business requires a lot of skills and decision-making capabilities. Several organizations offer courses entrepreneurship, which could help in molding your skills. Often such courses are offered through the Internet, which helps people with disability to take up the course. Motivation is one of the most important requirements to keep the business alive during times of crisis, especially for disabled business owners. Most of the small business organizations will have many problems during the initial stages and you need to put in a lot of work to develop the organization. Taking up such courses will surely help in developing the organization at some point in time.

Expert Advice

Most of the people who set up a small business will be completely new to the game and might have a tough time in making decisions. The conditions are more challenging for disabled business owners who have set up a small business from scratch. These business owners might need a lot of guidance, which is very difficult to get without paying a lot of money. However, there are business forums, which provide such guidance services for the disabled business owners for free. These services are also offered by highly experienced business veterans who could guide you to develop your business organization easily within a short period of time. You could probably use the Internet to find out a lot of experts in your field.

Business Loans

Loans are the most important elements required to develop your small business into a big one. However, the interest rates for loans could be very high in almost all banks in our country. There are few banks which offer business loans for disabled at a very low-interest rate. This interest rate varies depending on the percentage of disability in some banks. Such business loans for disabled can help the disabled develop their business without getting into deep financial trouble.


Indeed, starting a business is a complicated task, especially for disabled business owners. Thus, you have to take into consideration the above-mentioned tips. What should be also said, you have never given up, because all depends on you as well as on your fortitude.

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