7 Reasons Travelers Should Not Fear Sharks

Diving and surfing are becoming very popular entertainment and types of sports among travelers. Going to the sea, most tourists are thinking about trying out on themselves the exotic types of marine recreation, which are not limited to diving and surfing. But they are afraid of sharks and this is not strange. The fear of sharks is a common thing. Many people think that sharks are so dangerous but in fact, they are harmless. The answers on questions “are sharks dangerous?”, “are they friendly?” or “what does a basking shark look like?” you will find here.

One of the most important rules – being among sharks, do not make too many sharp, trembling movements. Try to disturb the underwater inhabitants as little as possible, without attracting attention by careless movements.

Before entering the water, try to find out more about this place and mainly about whether there are sharks there. Do not to go swimming alone in wild places, if there is not enough experience for this. Remember that most cases of shark attacks on people were provoked by the wrong actions of the divers.

There are 7 reasons why we should not be afraid of sharks:

They Are Not Dangerous

There are 400 species of these marine inhabitants. These are sharks that are not dangerous. They are absolutely harmless for people. Only tree type of them is considered dangerous for people such as the white, tiger and bull.

They Are Afraid Of Us

Maybe they are afraid of us more than we are of them. Sometimes a person may also scare the shark and it will float away.

If You Will Keep Distance Everything Will Be Ok

It is also unacceptable to be so close with a shark, even if you are sure that it belongs to a safe form. If you swim among sharks, stay away from them. Even the safest shark can be pissed off if you violate the borders of the territories that it considers its own.

Sharks Do Not Eat Human Meat

Human meat is not their sources of food. That is why there is no need to worry about attack. But you should not bathe with unhealed or bleeding wounds, as the smell of blood attracts sharks. If you are engaged in underwater hunting, then do not drag along a number of dead fish in the habitats of sharks. Keep it on a long line, and if you see a shark, immediately get rid of the fish.

Sharks Can Estimate The Enemy

If you dive, it’s better not to do it alone – it’s been noticed that sharks rarely attack groups of people. This is logical because the shark is also able to assess the strength of the enemy.

They Are Friendly

54Their mission is not to kill. The chance of attack is tiny.

Be Afraid Of Other Animals

There is a bigger risk to be killed buy cow than a shark.

So sharks are not dangerous. But despite this, you need to be careful.

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