8 Reasons Why Sleeping in Makeup Is Bad for Your Skin

How do you think you look in a beautiful dress, obsidian ring, and with evening makeup?  No doubt, you look gorgeous. But have you ever thought what happens when you sleep with makeup on?

If the answer is wrong, then it’s high time to talk about a nighttime skincare routine. Here are the top 8 reasons why sleeping in makeup is bad for your skin. Read all of them to know why it is bad to sleep with makeup on. It will prevent you from the irreparable consequences.

  1.   Enlarged Pores and Blackheads

It is the first reason why is makeup bad for your skin. Bear in mind, every time your skin is clogged with a thick cover-up it hurts. The most common consequences are that it can’t “breathe” and renew itself. As a result, sleeping in makeup stimulates the appearance of black dots and pimples.

  1.    Dry Skin

If you don’t wash before going to bed, then would make skin look older. It happened when your skin has no opportunity to breathe and recalibrate its moisture levels. So, do not make your skin dry and wash your face to renew the skins’ natural moisturizing factors.

  1.    Brittle Lashes

It is the well-known fact that most mascaras strip the natural oils from lashes. Moreover, sleeping with makeup on may clog your eye’s hair follicles, leaving you with a painful and unattractive style. So, if you want to keep your lashes fluffy and full, then you need to remove all traces of mascara pre-bed.

  1.  Eyes Irritation

It is a common problem that eye makeup causes redness and dryness of eyes. As a result, this leads to eye infections.

  1.  Skin Irritation

On the other hand, sleeping with makeup can trigger skin issues as well. So, if your skin is sensitive, rosacea or eczema-prone you risk having bad consequences for your health.

  1.  Acne

If you do not clean your face, all the harmful bacterias, debris, and oils remain on your face. It just lies on your face and harms your skin all night, clogging up your pores.

  1.  Wrinkles

Do you know does makeup cause wrinkles? Sleeping in a makeup puts you at a higher risk for aging skin. First of all the low amount of moistures in your face skin make it easier to boost your exposure to free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for additional oxidative stress. And in its’ turn, oxidative stress damages the body’s cells. As a result, it causes the symptom of aging.

  1.  Bed Pollution

It is the last but not the least unpleasant thing your makeup may do to you and to the world surrounding you. It spoils your bedding and provides you with a bad sleeping experience as well.

The Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, here are three fundamental procedures you need to do every day. At first, you should do a cleansing to remove all the debris. Then you need to do the exfoliating to shed old skin cells encourage cell renewal. And the last necessary step is moisturizing. It helps to balance oil and water levels in the skin. So, clean your face pre-bed and have a sweet dream.

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