Best Disability Fitness Equipment

Best Disability Fitness Equipment

If you are suffering from a disability, it does not mean that you should stay away from your workouts. You should still focus on the workouts and ensure your overall health and wellbeing. There are a lot of disability fitness equipment available in the market for your convenience as well. You will be able to get in touch with an online personal training expert and get the guidance you need. Then you can purchase appropriate training (most of them is available in an active clothing store) and fitness equipment to follow your schedule.

     1. FES Bikes

People who are dealing with the upper crossed syndrome will be able to use FES bikes. In fact, the FES bikes are in a position to provide cardio workouts for people who are dealing with disabilities. Even though you will have to spend a considerable amount of money to purchase FES bikes, you will be able to experience a large number of benefits by them. Hence, you can think about getting a one. In the FES bikes, electrodes are being used to provide an excellent assistance to the user with cycling the arms or legs. It can also provide effective results in tracking the user sessions. Hence, there is a high possibility to end up getting an enhanced experience with the help of FES bikes.

     2. Total Gym XLS

When you work on weight bearing workouts, the total gym XLS can benefit you. You can even purchase this when you are opening a gym. They can contribute a lot towards increasing the muscle strength of a disabled individual. Hence, this will be the ultimate equipment, which you can think about to purchase. Or else, you can create your home gym by investing in Total Gym XLS. It is ideal to engage with all the core-strengthening exercises without any discomfort or hassle.

     3. Vitaglide

Disabled individuals will not be able to focus on the strength training games such as boxing. In such a situation, Vitaglide will be a great option available for them to use. It has the ability to help people to strengthen their body while improving cardiovascular endurance. All you have to do is to use gripping gloves to provide protection to the hands, and then start working on the push and pull movements. You need to do this on a cycle, which has a low and high intensity. You can also get the assistance of your online personal training partner when working out with it.

     4. Boxing Fitness Timer

The ordinary timers will not be able to deliver a hassle free experience to the people who are experiencing disabilities. If you go through health and fitness articles, you will be able to get more information on that. Hence, you are encouraged to go for a specific timer, which is designed for individuals like you. That’s where the boxing fitness timer will be able to assist you with. It is possible for you to go ahead and set up the boxing fitness timer for three-minute rounds or two-minute rounds. You can also assign resting periods of 30 seconds or one minute in between. Then you will end up getting the best possible results with the workouts that you engage with.

     5. Medicine Balls

Medicine balls that are available for disabled individuals can be divided into two main categories. They include the medicine balls that come along with handles and the medicine balls that come without handles. You will be able to use these medicine balls in order to work on your balance, core strength and coordination. On the other hand, the medicine balls are in a position to provide a tremendous assistance to the individuals with extremity strengthening as well. It is possible for you to use the gripping gloves to use the medicine balls, in case if you have limited use of the hands.

     6. Theraband

Usually, the therapists tend to recommend therabands for the individuals who want to engage with their workouts but kept away from the workouts due to the disabilities that they face. If you are following a home exercise program along with the assistance of an online personal training expert, this is something that you must go ahead with. You will be able to purchase rolls that have a length of about 25 yards as well. You will also be able to determine the level of resistance that you want according to the colour. For example, the black colour indicates heavy resistance, whereas yellow describes light resistance. If you don’t have any understanding at all about the right level of resistance that you need to go ahead with, you are encouraged to refer to the health and fitness articles. Or else, you will be able to get in touch with a reliable online personal training professional and get assistance.

     7. Gripping Gloves

Gripping gloves can be considered as one of the most important fitness equipment that you need to have while you are working out. But if you are disabled, it will not be possible for you to use the ordinary gripping gloves. Instead, you need to think about purchasing specific gripping gloves, which are designed for the disabled. The push gloves are a perfect example for gripping gloves. They are designed for the use of a person who is in a wheelchair. You will be able to make your life easy when engaging with cardio workouts as well. It can significantly reduce the injuries that your hands will go through during the workouts. Likewise, you can look at other options available in the market and go ahead with the best.


Disabled individuals will not be able to use the ordinary fitness equipment to engage with their workouts. They will need to think about purchasing appropriate disability fitness equipment. When doing that, you can take a look at the options available in the market and go ahead with the best one out of them.

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