How Can Dogs Help Disabled People?

How Can Dogs Help Disabled People?

Pet care is really an important thing, as dogs are our best friends. However, can they be more than just friends and become a great ally for disabled people? The reality is that dogs that help disabled people are being used since a long time ago because they are impressively reliable. There are certain disabilities where dogs that help the disabled are used for. In this article we will review a few examples of that, if you know some disabled people, then you can help them by using a dog for his or her help.


These are the most widely used ones. Dogs that help blind people are extremely useful. They can learn things like not passing some zones, such as the middle of the streets. They can learn how to use some traffic lights or sounds that are used for crossing streets. This type of dogs can be extremely loyal because blind people need them very often. They can learn along the way, too. Some people put some tag on these dogs in order to allow them to travel on buses or trains. These dogs can learn pathways, like the pathway used for someone to get to the market and then to come back home. These dogs can learn how to stay focused for long periods of time as they need to be the guide for someone. These dogs are extremely patient because they require to develop it.

Hearing Dogs

These types of dogs are used for deaf people. They can alert owners about some risky situation. At home, they can alert someone who is trying to invade one property. Deaf people develop an intense relationship with these dogs because they need it at all times as they become their ears. For example, if someone is trying to cross streets, we all know that hearing is also important if not even more important for alert us if some car is passing by, these dogs can be of much help for traveling too. Deaf people learn a lot about dog’s reactions, they can learn how to to identify key movements or reactions of the dog. The impressive thing about all of this is that these dogs can start to identify that his or her owner can’t hear and they are their only resource for hearing.

Mobility Assistance Dogs

These dogs are simply impressive. They can learn to help his or her owner in some tasks like opening doors, pushing some buttons to open doors. They can even help to move a wheelchair if necessary. These dogs can be seen as an extension of his or her owner, they can learn to follow some orders and what that means, like open something or close something. They can pick up some objects that fall from someone’s hand and they can give it back to the owner. These dogs can do it all basically.

Therapy Dogs

These dogs are the most beautiful ones. For disabled people who need to be hospitalized for long periods of time, these dogs are the best companions. These dogs are there whenever is needed because they will stay with that person every time they need it. These dogs can listen to you carefully, they can stay still for a moment hearing yourself, and they can give you some gestures of love and kindness. These dogs aren’t only needed in hospitals, they can be in hospice facilities, and they can be used in family reunions too. These dogs are just simply the best friends that could exist.


These types of dogs are incredibly smart. Why? Because they learn about seizures’ symptoms. What do they do? These dogs can alert you when a seizure is about to happen, they can do that with minutes or even hours of anticipation. That is what makes these dogs extremely amazing and unique. These types of dogs can learn a lot about human behavior too. They will observe your reactions all the time and because of that, they can be helpful for those difficult situations. These dogs help you to stay still because a seizure will happen in the next moments. That doesn’t only help at a physical level. That helps a lot because these dogs can help at an emotional level by becoming your better assistance and your best companion.

Mental Assistance Dogs

These dogs are also extremely fond and warm. They can help with mental disorders that some relatives become extremely difficult to deal with. We can talk about autism, post-traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorder, and anxiety or Asperger syndrome, for example. If a dog is able to do so it means that they possess extremely good qualities for understanding human beings. These dogs can help someone to remind about some important things, like taking medication or eating. These types of dogs can understand behavior and they know how to react in different circumstances.


Dogs are more than just friends. These pets can be the best solution for disabled people. They can learn to live with them and they learn to deal with different situations. It’s amazing to see all the things that they can do. They can be an extension of our bodies and they can feel what we feel too. That’s empathy at its highest point.

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