How To Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible?

Wheelchair users deserve to have the same access to home and everything in it as everyone else has. It is a common thought nowadays. Thus, if you or a member of your household has difficulties to get around, you have surely make some renovations to fix it.

At first, use concrete on the road surfaces which will lead to your house, to make the path weatherproof and accessible in any season. In its’ turn, when talking about the floor inside your house, you have to think about replacing carpets to significantly safer rubber ones or leave a tile or hardwood flooring.

Also, no less important thing is the doorways widening, as the average doorway is 24 inches wide and it is too narrow for a wheelchair to get through. By the way, all the door knobs, as well as the ones on the pieces of furniture, should be lowered to the more wheelchair accessible height.

Instead of stairways, you are to build rumps with non-slip surface and handrails to provide an access to every part of the house.

It is important not to forget about making your bathroom and kitchen more comfortable by installing grab bars, storage units and sinks, which are easy to roll-out. Besides, it will be necessary to change appliances that have top-level controls, like an oven or washing machine, to those that have it at the front.

So,follow these steps and make your accommodation easier and safer for the wheelchair user to operate.



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