Purple Heart Emoji | Definition and Meaning

Most of the people use different emojis to make their text message more colorful and interesting. They use them to decorate speech or add more emotions to their messages. However, there are those who take each symbol very seriously. We live in an era of technologies, in the era where virtual communication takes a prominent place, especially for young generation. Each smile, heart symbol or color has a special meaning and use. As, for example, red heart emoji symbolizes love, deep passion and unconditional love when purple heart meaning is sensitive and compassionate love.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Colors?

Whether you are sending emoji to your colleague, friend or close relative, you should pay special attention to the symbols you paste into your text message, as each of them has its own meaning and use. There are emojis that are easy to understand because they depict the specific thing clearly. However, if you want to use heart emoji you should be especially attentive and careful in your choice. Most people think that all heart emojis mean the same thing and differ only in color. However, it is not the case. We have used to paste heart symbols into our text message, without paying attention to their meaning, (because most of us never understood why there are so many options for hearts).  The color does matter because each color carries specific meaning to the person you are sending it to.

What Does a Purple Heart Mean?

Purple heart emoji symbolizes a sensitive, compassionate and understanding love. This symbol is also used to express wealth or glamour.

As well as the other heart symbols, a purple heart emoji is used to symbolize love. It is not something new that people have used to associate the feeling of love with the heart. Therefore, people are sending heart symbols to those whom they love. A symbol of a purple heart is associated with sensitive, unconditional and compassionate love. The purple heart means royalty, loyalty and good judgment.

What is special about the purple heart symbol is that it is associated with US military veterans, who were injured while serving their country. In their honor, purple heart medals were made. That is why we should add that the purple heart is not the only symbol of love, royalty and judgment, but also a symbol of sacrifice.

When Was the Purple Heart Emoji Approved?

In 2010, the purple heart emoji was approved as part of Unicode 6.0. Later, in 2015 it was added to Emoji 1.0.

Nowadays the purple heart emoji can be used on different devices, no matter whether it is your laptop, mobile device or computer. The thing is every device has its own design of the purple heart. It depends on their corporate style and vision. Therefore, the purple heart on iPhone, Android, desktop or laptop looks different.

A heart is used to symbolize the emotion of love. The purple heart emoji symbol is not an exception. However, besides meaning love, it also symbolizes sacrifice, royalty, loyalty, wealth, glamour and good judgment.


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