Restaurant Wheelchair Accessibility

Restaurant Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility is certainly one of the most important factors that need to be looked upon for a person who is disabled. While traveling you may start searching for various hotels and restaurants that offer the best food, near airport location and many other factors that make traveling easier. However, as a disabled person, you should check whether the hotel or restaurant has wheelchair accessibility or not.
Some of the tips given below will help you search the perfect vacation stay that has wheelchair accessibility.

Little Bit of Research Can Help you List Different Options

When you hit the Internet, you will find a plenty of websites that help you to find the best hotels. You can do a little bit of research and pick out the one that suits you best. Try to pick the ones that are near your traveling destination. You can narrow down your search by looking for wheelchair restaurants and it is not a difficult task, as hotels that are wheelchair accessible mention it.

After you get the list, you can simply check for the amenities that matter you the most. If you think none of these hotels offers any of the amenities that you are looking for, then you can strike them out of your list.

Call and Check with the Hotels

Websites are the best source of fetching information, but if you are a disabled traveler, you need to call the hotel to check if they are equipped with everything, you need. You can ask the questions like:

  • Are the rooms with wheelchair accessibility ADA compliant?
  • Does the wheelchair restaurant offer handicap parking? How many lots are available?
  • Is there any shuttle service (wheelchair accessible) available to nearby attractions? In case there is no a shuttle service offered by the hotel, traveling around can be a daunting task for you.
  • Do the hotels offer some special services for the disabled people? The question is just to get an idea whether they are skilled in assisting disabled people or not.
  • Consider emergency rules and process. Many people often overlook this factor. You should check with the hotel as on which floor your wheelchair rooms exist. They should be on the ground floor. In case they do not then check about the emergency procedure, they follow for a disabled person.
  • Make sure that the hotel staff is friendly and polite.

On the other hand, if you are visiting any restaurant to dineб then make sure you check it is a wheelchair ramp restaurant, which means they have a ramp or alternative options to enter their dining area. There should be options like lift or elevator that can be used as another way to wheelchair access to reach the dining area.

If you are using a wheelchair, you certainly need a bit of planning before you travel to a particular destination. Of course, the most important thing is to check and choose the restaurant with wheelchair access to make your traveling comfortable.

In case you are tied up with work and do not have time to find out the restaurant with wheelchair access, then make sure you check with others who have visited the place before. It will help you know whether you can have a comfortable dining out in a wheelchair or not.

It is always better to speak to restaurant staff to check if the restrooms can fit in a wheelchair, as some restaurants do not have large restrooms.

When you choose the right restaurant with wheelchair access, it becomes easy for you to enjoy your trip. You do not have to worry as many restaurant wheelchair customers are well taken care of. They offer special services, especially for disabled customers.

You need to plan everything right before you plan your trip and consider every important aspect related to your convenience and safety.

Perfect Accessibility for all Your Needs

Portable wheelchair ramps are indeed the best accessibility option for your needs. It helps the mobility of people using strollers, wheelchairs. It becomes easy for them to move out of office or home and the portable wheelchair ramps can easily fit in and adjust in entrance, curbs or stairs to large pathway ramps.

With the increase in demand for the amenities and accessibility offered to disabled people, you will find many restaurant portable wheelchair ramps available to help disabled people move around easily. They are sturdy and available in different lengths to meet the customers’ requirement.

There are different types of portable wheelchair ramps available for commercial sectors like restaurants for examples suitcase ramps, pathway ramps, and threshold ramps, curb ramps, modular ramps, landing ramps etc. Each of these ramps differs in size and specialty and they offer perfect mobility that a disabled person needs. It makes the overall experience of the hotel stay memorable for handicap people. So, do not worry even if you are in a wheelchair as portable ramps prove to be the ideal solutions to cross the barriers.


Well, with so many restaurants and hotels equipped with the wheelchair accessibilities plus special services offered for disabled people, you need not worry about your traveling experience. The only thing you need to work on is finding the best hotels/restaurants that provide wheelchair accessibility along with services that are helpful for the disabled. Before you plan your vacation, make sure you have found the best hotels/restaurants that suit your needs.

Also, check for the emergency procedures to avoid any accidents. Make sure the hotel staff is friendly and they have experience in serving disabled customers too. When you check for the amenities that the hotel provides for the disabled, make sure that the entrance of the dining area and the restroom are big enough to accommodate the wheelchair.

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