Traveling Internationally with a Disability

Traveling Internationally with a Disability

Are you wondering how to travel internationally with a disability? Traveling to another country can be a daunting and dreadful task. The logistics of international travel is challenging even for the courageous traveler with a disability. This is because they often face extra hurdles.

In the US, it was estimated that 37.5 million people have a disability. Long gone are the days when traveling with a disability was not easy. In recent years, the travel industry is more accommodating and provides more services.  If you need to apply for a TN visa, they offer a TN visa letter template to simplify the task for you.

With a little planning, you can travel the world with a physical disability. In this article, we have mentioned all you need to know about traveling with a disability.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Rules and Regulations

The airports and airlines are limited by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, all travelers with disabilities must be treated equally. The airlines must provide certain facilities for the people with disability. The trained professionals must assist with:

  • Handling the baggage
  • Going around the airport
  • Going to the toilet
  • Getting on and off the plane
  • The opening packaging of the food
  • Clearly explaining the safety briefings

This, however, is not followed by foreign countries. This is because the accessibility regulations vary a lot. Though they have common sense and public sentiment, the disabled travelers have to face many obstacles. They have to face inadequate services, hassles, misinformation, and higher prices. The major problem is that the need of every disabled is different. Fortunately, airline staff is extremely helpful in present years.

Know Your Needs

When you are traveling in the USA with a physical disability or to another country, you must be well informed about your requirements. This will make planning easy and hassle-free. It is essential to explain your needs to the airline professionals when booking a flight.

  • You must inform the staff whether you will be traveling alone or with a carer
  • Will you need help with baggage?
  • Do you need someone to help you around the airport?
  • Will you be able to understand the safety briefing easily?
  • Can you use the toilet on the plane yourself?

Visa Requirements

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether there are special requirements when applying for a visa. There are no visa special requirements for disabled people to follow. Just like normal people, disabled have to submit a physical and mental medical examination. An authorized civil surgeon must conduct the health examination of the applicant. So, there are no special requirements to follow when it comes to visa for people with physical disability.

Air Travel

The airline staff must make accommodations that will provide the disabled people to have access to the same travel opportunities as normal people. They must keep in mind these services must not be a threat to the safety and health of disabled traveler.

The airline staff is required to provide easy access to the airplane door. They must even provide a seat with removable armrest and an aisle seat. The airplanes with more than 60 seats must have a wheelchair on the craft. According to the regulations, the airplane with over 2 aisles must have a wheelchair accessible toilet.

It is recommended to check the requirements and accommodations for foreign countries adhere to for people with disability.

Tips for Traveling with a Physical Disability

The people with adventure in their soul can take advantage of what other countries has to offer. You must pay attention to your conditions and decide what attractions you can visit where you must dine at. Here are some tips for disabled travelers.

Consult Before Traveling

Before you travel, you need to consult a medical specialist. They will let you know what vaccines and medications you will need during the trip. The specialists will give you advice on what food and drinks you should avoid. They may even inform you about how to prevent the spreading of infections and diseases.

Additionally, they will recommend you medicines and vaccines if you have the immune compromising condition. Your medicine specialist will be able to arrange care overseas as well. Medical care is expensive everywhere, if your existing health insurance doesn’t cover care outside the US, you can buy extra health insurance.

Planning Ahead

In order to travel in a stress-free manner, you need to plan everything beforehand. To make your trip hassle-free, you must conduct more research. When you do your homework, your trip can be fully accessible. You can find information of all sort types, from hotel accommodation to tourist attractions, and accessible routes.

When it comes to planning, you must carefully plan the route. You must know how you can see the top tourist attractions. There are several ways through which a disabled traveler can enjoy their trip. Some routes may have wheelchair ramps, flat terrain, and smooth pavement. Unfortunately, some places have a flight of stairs, steep hills, and dangerous terrain.

This is why it is better to know about the subway stations, sidewalks, bus routes, and building with easily accessible entrances. By planning your trip in advance, you will have the ability to travel internationally in a hassle-free manner.

Hotel Booking

Generally, it is a great tip to book your hotel far in advance. This is because you will be able to book it without burning a hole in your pocket. Many hotels have one or two hotel rooms available, the rest of the rooms are booked early. This means, if you want to travel in summer, you must book the room in December.


Therefore, if you want to travel around the world, don’t let your physical disability stop you. By following these tips, you can travel without any stress. Since there are no global standards or rules for travels with a physical disability, the accommodations of every country vary widely.

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