Valuable Tips for Smooth Travel with a Disability

Gone are the days when traveling with a disability was a little difficult. It is absolutely fine if you are using wheelchairs, or hearing impaired or any other disability, you still can safely enjoy traveling to various destinations. Do not worry if you are among disabled travelers as a few simple tips can help you travel safe and enjoy to the fullest.

Ask the Airline for Assistance

You can ask the airline for assistance when you are booking the air ticket or a couple of days before you plan your trip. It certainly makes a disabled travel a lot easier. A lot of airlines will allocate an employee to come and meet you near the curb on your arrival or during check-in carrying a wheel chair in case you need one and take you through the security check. You can also ask for help after you reach your destination.

The service is offered at no cost in most airlines, but the policies can differ with each airline and also depend on the availability of the staff and the nature of your disability. So, make sure you’ve checked with the airline before you board the flight.

Check and Book Hotel Prior to your Stay

Most hotels have special amenities for people with disability. Well, it is important to let the hotel staff members know about your needs especially if there is anything specific you are looking for. For example, if you are using a wheelchair, then check if the doors of guest, front and bathroom are large enough to accommodate your wheel chair. Many hotels help to get the detailed information while the others mention the details online. Also, in order to make any disability travel safe for those who are visually impaired and cannot hit the nearby restaurants for breakfast, they should ask the hotel authorities to stock the fridge in the hotel room with some breakfast items or deliver the breakfast to their room.

Discuss with your Travel Agent

You should find a travel agent who works with disabled travelers as it can help you do most of your work like booking airline tickets, restaurants, tours etc. This will indeed help plan travel for people with disabilities without any hassles. The agents will ensure that you get the hotels with right measurements you require, resorts and restaurants with amenities you need. The agents help many people to have a smooth tour and a wonderful stay.

Booking the Helpful Guides is Important

When it comes to travel for people with disability, there can be problems that may occur if you do not plan everything right. This also applies in case of booking guides. You will find guides all across the globe who are experts in dealing travel for disabilities and these guides can be extremely helpful to guide you through a comfortable trip. They are aware of the sights that are not the right places for you to plan the trips to access. They can help you to hit the restaurants that will give you an enjoyable experience.

Some guides also arrange scooters, wheelchairs or canes to aid travel for people with disabilities so that they enjoy their trip. Some guides also know the sign language that helps them interact with travelers who are hearing impaired. Some guides are intelligent enough to plan the trips considering the invisible/visible disabilities so that you do not have to be part of the group or activities that you cannot participate in.

Try to Look for a Tour

Many travel operators arrange group trips and private trips especially for those dealing with disabilities. These pre-planned tours consider your needs and you don’t have to plan anything.

Plan for an Accommodating Museum if Possible

You will find many museums all across the globe that accommodate disabled visitors in different ways. They arrange for monthly tours, especially for the visually impaired travelers. The tours cost you nothing but you need to book them in advance. You can call the museum to find out the details or visit their website to find out more information about such tours.

Travel Insurance

It is always better to get travel insurance and check it covers the conditions for a particular destination you are going to visit.

Carry Extra Medications

Carry extra medications that you normally take. Also, check if the medicines you are carrying are allowed to carry along in a country you are visiting.

Things to Carry for a Back-up

It is always recommended to have a back-up plan in case your room is not available, so carry things like a shower chair, a portable ramp etc. If you are using an electric wheelchair check if you need a voltage converter and plug adapter.


Do not get nervous as traveling with a disability is possible and you can have a safe and enjoyable trip. There are so many people around you, traveling with disabilities, so, do not think too much about your medical condition. If you love to travel, you need to keep aside the physical challenges and you will discover a new world for yourself. You can stay calm and enjoy your trip, as there are a plenty of amenities available for disabled travel too. You can have a safe travel with Amazon Cruise and it will be a different experience altogether.

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