Which Exercises Should Wheelchair Users Do?

Which Exercises Should Wheelchair Users Do?

Common knowledge is that people who lead a physically active way of life are certainly much healthier and happier than others. Moreover, research shows that such kind of activity can also boost self-esteem, sleep quality and mood, as well as lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and even cancers.

So the question is: “Why is it necessary for the wheelchair users?”

At first, people specializing in this sphere know that using a wheelchair can make it more difficult to do a cardiovascular physical activity. In its turn, it leads to your heart rate rise. No less convincing is an argument that maneuvering or pushing a wheelchair also causes a particular pressure on certain muscles in the upper body, making strains or other injuries more likely to take place in wheelchair users everyday life. It is a horrified routine, isn’t it?

Of course, nobody forces you to go to the gum or train all day long. The aim is only to improve a certain physical function to ease your daily life. And the kind of training you choose depends mostly on your preferences and physical ability level.

But, as a rule, when talking about wheelchair users physical activity there is always a bit of misunderstanding as people are not aware of all the spectrum of their possibilities. So, here is a list of important muscle-strengthening exercise for health and wellbeing of wheelchair users. Follow all the guidance and you will be undoubtedly impressed with the result!



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